Battery Load Tester

New energy battery and motor high and low temperature tester, the product can not only control the temperature, but also control the flow and pressure. The product temperature control range is -80 ℃ ~ 250 ℃, and the antifreeze flow control range is 2 ~ 20L/min. Provide high and low temperature test of antifreeze and control of antifreeze flow and pressure. This product can test the battery pack in high and low temperature environment, and provide high temperature, low temperature, flow control, pressure and other requirements for the battery pack.

keyword: constant temperature;Reaction bath

Classification: Vehicle & Semiconductor Test System

  • Product Description
  • Specification model KRY-455
    Volume(L) 35L
    Cooling temperature range -30℃~RT
    Heating temperature range 200℃~RT
    Cooling capacity 10500-900w
    Voltage 380V/50Hz
    Cooling current 9A
    Cooling power(W) 4300
    Heating current 9A
    Heating power(W) 6000
    Refrigerant R404A
    Lenth(mm) 770
    Width(mm) 680
    Height(mm) 1180

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