Stainless Steel Molecular Distillation

Stainless steel molecular distillation is mainly composed of a heating jacket, an internal rotatable scraper, a condenser and a vacuum system. Its advantages are suitable for high viscosity, easy crystallization, easy scaling, suspended solids or heat-sensitive liquid.

keyword: constant temperature;Reaction bath

Classification: Molecular Distillation Equipment

  • Product Description


    Effective evaporation area (m2)


    Feeding speed L/h


    Frame material

    304 seamless stainless steel, the contact surface with the material body is 316

    Max speed RPM





    400W Adopting German technology, constant speed, low noise, no brushes, no sparks, safe and stable, and can work continuously

    Feed tank

    Double jacketed feed tank

    Control Panel

    Digital display of temperature and speed, flexible adjustment of speed through the knob


    Snake-shaped condensing coil, large condensing area and high efficiency

    Move method

    4 polyurethane (PU) casters with brakes and universal casters

    Inlet and outlet oil circulation port

    Using screw type, low in and high out

    Power supply(V)

    220V/50Hz(can be customized)

    Tank working temp

    -90~250℃(Long-term use is recommended within 220 degrees)

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