High and low temperature reaction kettle integrated machine

keyword: constant temperature;Reaction bath

Classification: Temperature Control Unit

  • Product Description
  • ● Floor space reduced by 36%
    ● Integrated touch screen control, saving manpower
    ● Adjustable stirring speed, up to 600rpm
    ● Increase condensation area, increase refrigeration efficiency by 30%

    A screen, A variety of controls

    Heating/heat medium circulation/stirring paddle rotation/temperature control digital display/condensation cooling I refrigerant circulation/speed control

    New integrated high and low temperature-reaction equipment is an integrated equipment that can operate the reactor smoothly through PLC programming and-key touch screen. The unit not Only has refrigeration components, but also can circulate and heat. Break the independent operation state of traditional reaction kettle and high and low temperature, realize one-screen multi-Control automatic operation, control speed, cooling temperature, heating temperature rise, cold and hot medium circulation, stirring paddle opening and speed adjustment can all be operated On one screen, and multi-stage temperature control can also be set, which truly simplifies control and improves work efficiency.


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