Instrumentation to help scientific research and innovation to accelerate the development of the industry

1. Instrumentation Technology: Innovation Changes the World, TCU Temperature Control System to Create Efficient Work Scenarios

The development of instrumentation technology continues to promote social and economic development, and TCU temperature control system has become a powerful tool to achieve efficient work scenarios. The TCU temperature control system can maintain a constant temperature in the laboratory and industrial production, and is more precise in adjusting temperature, controlling accuracy and starting and stopping operations, thereby improving production efficiency and making the finished product more reliable. According to industry analysis, the market size of TCU temperature control system is expected to be 1 billion billion US dollars, becoming a popular product in the industry market.

2. Instrumentation Development Helps Industrial Upgrading, Low Temperature Coolant Circulation Pump Boosts Scientific and Technological Innovation

With the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous upgrading of the industry, instrumentation equipment is also getting more and more attention. As an important boost to scientific and technological innovation, instrumentation equipment can not only improve production efficiency and work efficiency, but also ensure safety and accuracy in the experiment and production process. Among them, the low-temperature coolant circulating pump, as one of the core equipment of the industry, provides core technical support for many manufacturers. According to market data, the market size of low-temperature coolant circulation pumps has reached $0.5 billion.

3. Instrumentation technology: to improve quality and efficiency, high and low temperature integrated machine injects new strength into the manufacturing industry

In the manufacturing industry, high and low temperature integrated machine is widely used to improve production efficiency and product quality. The high and low temperature integrated machine can provide a stable temperature environment for the manufacturing process, thereby ensuring the stability and quality reliability of the product. Moreover, the high and low temperature integrated machine has multiple advantages such as energy saving, environmental protection and safety, which has injected new strength into the sustainable development of the manufacturing industry. Market data show that the high and low temperature integrated machine market size has exceeded $5 billion.

4. Instrumentation equipment: a masterpiece of science and technology, Shanghai low-temperature coolant circulating pump has become the right-hand man of scientific research

Shanghai low-temperature coolant circulating pump is a core instrumentation equipment widely used in scientific research. In scientific research experiments, the low-temperature coolant circulating pump can generate a low-temperature environment, which can provide stable environmental conditions for the experimental process, thereby ensuring that the experimental results are more accurate and reliable. At the same time, the Shanghai low-temperature coolant circulation pump also has the characteristics of low noise, low power consumption, safety and reliability, and is one of the indispensable equipment for scientific research and experiments. Market analysis predicts that the market size of Shanghai's low-temperature coolant circulation pump will reach $0.15 billion billion in the next few years.

5. Instrumentation innovation: to improve the experimental accuracy, Shanghai glass reactor has become the star equipment in the laboratory

Shanghai glass reactor is one of the commonly used equipment in the laboratory, which is widely used in the experiment and production process in the fields of biology, chemistry, pharmacy and so on. They can be used for thermochemical reactions, physical experiments and biological experiments in high temperature environments. These devices not only provide a reaction environment, but also have special tools and equipment for adjusting the reaction conditions, such as weighing instruments and temperature control systems. Market data show that the market size of Shanghai glass reactor has reached $0.13 billion, becoming one of the star equipment in the laboratory.

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